About me

Hello, I’m Darja – thank you for visiting and showing interest in my story!

From my interior design studio in London, I create remarkable spaces that deliver on dreams. A freelance architect (Serbian Chamber of Engineers) and designer originally from Belgrade, Serbia, I offer a multidisciplinary approach and enjoyable process. For me, the desires of a client are above everything else and it is my passion to re-imagine their vision.

When you work with me, you’ll receive expert advice and a one-on-one service every step of the way. My role is to help you avoid potential mistakes and find solutions that work, with only your best interests at heart. I also love the diversity that comes with every project, and therefore, I’m highly motivated to create exceptional work. I’m also able to gain a whole perspective, no matter the scope or the size and spot opportunity where nobody else does.

By entrusting my studio, you’ll be in safe hands and can look forward to tailored and turn-key solutions that flow. Whether furniture, lighting or the design of new spaces, my ability to provide the whole package makes me a dependable choice.

To request further information or to discuss a project, please book a free introduction meeting.